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The Holocaust Museum & Study Center currently offers a variety of educational activities which are facilitated by our Museum Educators and customized to fit your needs:

"The Hiding"

"The Hiding" is a 7 minute audio exhibit where the listener experiences what it might have been like to be in hiding from the Nazis. This exhibit is accompanied by a full curriculum with lessons on topics such as responsibility, the Righteous, children in the Holocaust and current-day genocide. Each lesson for "The Hiding" includes a small group activity. Recommended for grades 8 and up, including adult learners.

Additional Classroom Activites:

  • "Propaganda" - focuses on one of the ways the Nazis were able to target the Jewish people. This lesson includes current-day examples of racial propaganda. This lesson runs on a PowerPoint and includes a small group activity. We offer both a middle school and high school version of this lesson.
  • "Personalizing the Numbers" - has students recreate Jewish families who lived during the Holocaust to help them understand that the numbers used when learning about the Holocaust (e.g. 6 million Jewish victims) were made up of individual people. This lesson includes a small group activity and cooperative learning. Recommended for grades 6 through 8.
  • "Resistance" - focuses on the various ways the Jewish people resisted during the Holocaust. This lesson is multi-media and includes a small group activity. Recommended for grades 9 and up.

Speakers Bureau

We have a group of Holocaust Survivors and Liberators who will share their personal experiences with students and adults. Speakers include Camp Survivors, Hidden Children and Veterans of the United States and Polish armies.