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About the Movement

#EndJewHatred is a grassroots civil rights movement engaged in peaceful direct action to #EndJewHatred in this generation.

We believe the combination of decentralizing communications technology and rising civil rights activism have created a unique opportunity for Jews to advocate for full liberation from bigotry and oppression. We are inspired by the incredible success other minority communities and women have had over the past 50 years in achieving positive changes in their rights.

We know we can do the same for the Jewish people.

This begins by healing the inherited trauma of centuries of persecution and embracing a confident future without fear.

There has never been a Jewish civil rights movement focusing on Jewish legal and social treatment in the diaspora until now. We are proud to support #EndJewHatred.

large group in Times Square with Israeli flags

The Struggle for Jewish Civil Rights

End Jew Hatred activists have protested around the world to fight for Jewish civil rights.

Among our successes:

  • #EndJewHatred protested at Zoom headquarters in September 2020 against terrorist leader Leila Khaled, who was scheduled to give a talk at San Francisco State University by Zoom video link, since she is banned from entering the United States. Thanks to our efforts the talk was shut down by Zoom, Facebook and YouTube.
  • #EndJewHatred marched alongside thousands of others around the world for justice for Sarah Halimi, a retired French doctor and schoolteacher who was murdered in her apartment. Her killer shouted Jew-hating comments during the murder, but was not tried since he had smoked marijuana and was deemed temporarily insane. The resulting outcry pushed the French government to begin the process of changing the law.
  • When violent assaults against Jews took place in Germany, #EndJewHatred staged a protest in Berlin in response. The Mayor of Neukolln district attended to affirm our message that Jewish Life is Not a Provocation. Other activists took an #EndJewHatred banner to the Reichstag. After our protests the German government included federal funding for efforts to combat Jew-hatred as an official list of election topics to be debated.

Many more campaigns are carried out, for more information follow #EndJewHatred on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

large gathering in Times Square with End Jew Hatred signs

The Task Force

The Holocaust Museum & Center for Tolerance and Education is proud to be a part of the #EndJewHatred movement. We have set up an End Jew Hatred Task Force within the Museum to advance the goals of the movement.

It will focus on two major tasks: education and testimony.

We will educate about the endemic nature of Jew-hatred and how the Holocaust is still relevant today. We will unpack the inherited trauma Jews experience and teach Jews how to shed the fears of the past and embrace a more confident future without Jew-hatred.

We will interview Jews who have suffered from bigotry to bear witness to the continued attacks our community faces and share the footage.

three people holding End Jew Hatred and Our Presence is Not a Provocation signs

What You Can Do to #EndJewHatred

Commit to living in a world without Jew-hatred. You don’t have to accept it and we can eradicate it.

Examine your inherited traumas and unconscious biases. Are you perpetuating Jew-hatred without realizing it? Is your fear of being publicly Jewish holding you back?

Speak out against Jew-hatred wherever you find it. Hatred doesn’t go away on its own. Hold people accountable.

Sign up for our mailing list and become part of the movement. Together we can and will #EndJewHatred in this generation.

group wearing End Jew Hatred shirts and holding signs