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What: We are building a multi-functional space which will serve as home to our permanent exhibition, educational space, archival storage, special exhibit gallery, administrative offices, and community gathering space. Our new home features state-of the art technology, world-class design, and people-centered spaces to accommodate our work for the whole community.

Where: The new museum is located on the campus of Rockland Community College in Suffern, New York. The College serves a diverse population of almost 8,000 students and is visited by more than 200,000 people a year. Our location is easily accessible by more than 2.5 million residents of the tri-state area, including Rockland, Orange, Bergen and Westchester Counties. The museum is the only resource of its kind north and west of New York City.

When: Thanks to unprecedented support from our community, we have completed construction on our educational and administrative spaces, archive, and special exhibit gallery walk. We only have left to complete work on our permanent exhibition and lobby. With designs finalized, the estimated time to completion is not far off. In the meantime, our Capital Campaign continues raising money for the completion of the project and Naming Opportunities are still available for those who wish to honor loved ones with an everlasting tribute.

Why: Intolerance and hatred continue to plague our world. Antisemitism has again reached peak levels around the world, even in countries where it recently would have been unthinkable. As we have seen before, some politicians and commentators are using religious, racial, and ethnic differences to justify heinous crimes against humanity. As such, we know that it remains critical that all people consider the lessons and legacies of the Holocaust – and why they matter today. Our mission is to provide information about the history of the Holocaust, genocide, and grave human rights violations so that visitors can understand the past in order to build a more just and peaceful society today.

How: Through our innovative permanent exhibition, engaging educational programs, and timely special exhibits and events, we will work to connect our mission to the diverse communities that comprise our patrons. We are committed to providing high-quality, pedagogically and psychologically sound programming for our students to ensure their success in grasping these critically important lessons. Furthermore, the Museum has allied with other organizations in order to share our message more broadly and bring new constituencies to our space. Increased collaboration with the college is also opening new doors for tomorrow’s leaders to visit, learn, and become ambassadors for tolerance and respect. In this light, student involvement will amplify our message and multiply our impact for good throughout the entire community. Conveniently located, our welcoming, safe space on the campus of Rockland Community College enables our operations to have maximum impact for good.


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